Capitalize On Your Uniqueness!

Capitalize on your uniqueness with services and solutions that save you time, eliminate double entry, automate tedious error-prone processes, provide useful and reliable customized reports, and increase your productivity.

Inspirations Software Design LLC is a FileMaker 13 Certified member of the FileMaker Business Alliance with over 10 years of experience developing custom applications, web applications and FileMaker Pro solutions.

Tired of working around your system?

How about a solution that supports your workflow, not the other way around?

  • Free Contact Manager Database

    Download your free, unlocked copy of the Inspired Business Suite contact manager. Has examples of techniques featured at FileMaker Inspirations. You’ll also receive our free Inspired FileMaker Business e-newsletter with FileMaker Tips and special offers.

  • FileMaker Point Of Sale

    Handle POS in FileMaker. Maintain customer contact and sale history. Trigger scripts when certain items are purchased. Includes sales reports with graphs and charts. Includes basic inventory tracking.

    Also available with Time Clock.

    Starts at just $160. Try it free for 30 days!

  • Unlocked FileMaker Time Clock

    Inspired Time Clock is an unlocked FileMaker Pro-based time clock system you can customize, expand and integrate with your existing FileMaker Pro system.

    One click punch in and punch out. Time sheet reports that simplify your payroll process. Easily configurable pay period and overtime settings. Logged in employee’s punch status appears throughout the system.

  • FileMaker Instant Messager

    Triple-i Messenger is a FileMaker Pro-based internal instant messaging system that is customizable and expandable and can be integrated into your existing solution.

  • Inspired Business Suite

    The Inspired Business Suite is a FileMaker Pro-based free contact management system that is fully customizable and expandable to a fully featured Customer Relations Management (CRM) system.

    You pick and choose the modules you need, pay only for what you need (or pay nothing if you need only contact management). Then, the system is yours to use and customize as you wish.